Select The CELLs you want to purchase in billboard and then Click on the Pay button

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STEP 1: select the CELLs you have and want to manage and then click on Next button

Your selected CELLs must be continuous and in rectangle shape.

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Buy CLD Token

Land (CLD) token as the ERC-20 token is the project application token and the total Supply of Land Token (CLD) is 100 million, which 14% of these tokens are intended for sale.

CLD Bonus

Bonus: 4%

Amount (CLD): 10,000 - 29,999

Bonus: 6%

Amount (CLD): 30,000 - 69,999

Bonus: 9%

Amount (CLD): 70,000 - 199,999

Bonus: 14%

Amount (CLD): 200,000 - 499,999

Bonus: 20%

Amount (CLD): +500,000

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You can share your referral link and get 10% referrals commission for Claim and CLD purchase

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Road Map

Timeline of Cell.Land project

Ideation & Research

Team Created

Research and development

Whitepaper V1.0.0 Release
Launching website V1.0.0

CLD airdrop (2 Million)
Blockchain selection (Community vote)

2 million token distribution
CLD Token Sale
1.5 Million CLD airdrop
CELL Token Sale

Research and development of Cell.Land V2

Whitepaper V2.0.0 Release
Launching Dapp V2.0.0

Project marketing and integration
Launching Cell.Land Metaverse V1.0.0

Launching Land Panel
Launching Marketplace
Launching Rent land

Launching Publisher panel V1.0.0
Roadmap 2 release

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Cell.Land is the first full decentralized NFT-based advertising billboard in the blockchain industry, which serves as a platform for advertising in the field of metaverse and Cryptocurrency. With the proliferation of blockchain technology in today's world, the existence of a decentralized platform for managing decentralized advertising is strongly felt, and Cell.Land has met this need with a unique and attractive idea.

The smallest unit for sale in Cell land is called Cell. The size of each cell is 10 by 10 pixels.

The crowd sale of CELL tokens will begin on August 1, 2021. Before this date, due to simultaneity with AirDrop and abundant advertising potentials, due to more users paying attention to cells, the price of CELL tokens is higher than the price of crowd sale time.

You can rent a cell through a Rent Land. In this case, the temporary ownership of the desired cell will be at your disposal at the specified time, and after the expiration of the time, if not renewed by you or not approved by the owner, the ownership of the cell will return to the permanent owner.

All processes defined on the website will be executed through Cell Land smart contracts, and you can be sure of them by reading our verified contract codes. Also, if you are not able to read the contract codes, you can view the audit of the contract by reputable people in the community on the Cell Land website.

• Purchase a cell and maintain it to make the cell valuable given its many potentials
• Rent a cell at a Rent Land and have a monthly income from your cell
• Buy tokens

CLD is a functional token within the project and all transactions will be done with this token
• Completely decentralized voting for Cell Land
• Buy or sell Cell
• Cell rent

50% of the profits of all commissions and revenues of Cell Land are spent on buying and burning tokens. This will happen 5 times a year, so by reducing tokens and increasing demand, profits will reach the holders.

The lower area contains 2880 cells, which are inactive in the first stage of sales. How to sell these 2880 cells and their price will be determined by the votes of Land token holders in the next stage, and 50% of the sales profit will be spent on buying Land token from the market and burning it.

The Cell Land site will remain online forever, and due to the open-source nature of this project and the availability of all the code in GitHub, and the storage of pixel specifications in BlockChain, anyone can easily open this site and become its secondary owner. Due to the long-term plans of the team for publishers and the allocation of 40% of land tokens for mines by people who send targeted, uniqueness and effective visits to the site, and the first idea of Cell Land, we hope to keep it updated forever. And with the help of the community, we can turn Cell land into one of the most important crypto advertising centers.

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